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Coach BQ shares his Kid Whisperer Secrets

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Do you have a fitness routine that you enjoy?

What if I could teach you Super Fun way to get in the best shape of your life and your kids can participate with you?

Kid Whisper Coach Q Hosts Digital Personal Training | Adults can Participate with their Kids

We will develop athleticism though structured smart play.

Create Sport Skill Play Circuits

Learn to use you imagination to create a magical experience for your kids.

Keep yourself and kids physically fit and have fun

Learn how to help your kids to focus and learn through play.

Give your kids the athletic advantage and condition their muscle memory no

Racquet Skills
Stick Handling
Olympic Sports
Racquet Sports

Your Instructor

Kid Whisper | Coach Q

SLC USA | Coach Q's Mission.

Save Money and Time for our clients providing all the tools necessary for parents to teach critical athletic skills at home.

We provide world class affordable on demand digital physical education and swimming lessons. Our courses are super fun & easy to understand, allowing parents and children to participate together.We want kids to learn to swim faster as well develop strength, coordination, and athletic skills starting as toddlers.

Coach Brian has been coaching swimming and running his swimming and P.E schools for over 25 years. His passion is to teach parent around the world how to instruct their own children to swim and play smart!