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Our courses are super fun & easy to understand, allowing parents and children to participate together.

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Save Money and Time for our clients providing all the tools necessary for parents to teach critical athletic skills at home.

We provide world class affordable on demand digital physical education and swimming lessons.

You are never to young or old to begin to learn to swim

Learn the secrets that have helped thousands learn to swim. Learn the secrets that have helped thousands learn to swim.

What if you could identify and overcome the 2 roadblocks to learning to swim: water sensitivity and the fear of falling or water buoyancy.

You will learn how to teach yourself the swimming fundamentals; anxiety control, streamline swimming position, treading water, breath control, effective strokes, back float and freestyle basics.

US Masters Coach Q has been coaching swimming and running his swimming schools for over 25 years.

Are you a good swimmer already or maybe even a surfer?

Many of my clients tell me they don’t swim for fitness due to the lack of knowledge on how to swim for fitness or just fatigue too quickly.

Swimming for fitness can be fun. I will show you how!

You have wanted to improve your stroke and would like to progress to a higher level of swimming fitness.

I promise if you make minor adjustments to your stroke or paddle and core rotation you will immediately be faster with increased endurance.

Personal Fitness, Sports, & Swim Coach

What if I could teach you a fun way to get in the best shape of your life with your kids?

Do you have a fitness routine that you enjoy?

Kid Whisper Coach Q Hosts Digital Personal Training | Adults can Participate with their Kids

Create Sport Skill Play Circuits

Learn to use your imagination to create a magical experience for your kids.

Learn how to help your kids to focus and learn through play.  Keep yourself and kids physically fit!