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Jacksonville Fl and the north east coast of FL is a special place to me and most people know little about. Outside of Jax we are known for maybe the Jaguars and not much else. I moved here from California 14 years ago with no intention of staying long. The reason why most people move to cities isn’t the reason I have stayed all these years. Downtown as always been bad to mediocre and the city doesn’t have a unique culture, however, it has become a melting pot of cultures.

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I have listed all the areas and events that you should certainly try at some point. I will review our city from my perspective and why the First Coast has become my home. It feel strange to say that I am proud to be from Jacksonville, however, I am indeed proud to make this place my home.

I do have a perspective that leans toward the beaches lifestyle and leave very close to the beaches area of Jacksonville. I also tend to think from the perspective of how areas cater towards children. I don’t have any kids of my own, however, I own a swimming, surfing, and sports business heavily focused on working with kids.

I am blessed to be able to see the world from a kids eye because I spend so much time connecting and attempting to understand how kids think. I am sharing my insight and tips through this blog that will help parents teach their kids swimming, surfing, sports, and my favorite places to participate in these activities.

My goal is to teach everything I have learned to help kids reach their potential by pushing boundaries in a loving an creative way.

Penguins Love Northeast FL

Best Places to Play


Jacksonville Beach

Great surfing on both sides of the pier.  This is a spot that the best surfers will be found when it gets good.  Believe it or not we have a couple of the best Surf teams in the country at UNF and Sunrise Surf Shop.  We also have some professional surfers that are from the North East FL Region

This is also a great beach for hanging out if you like the city beach feel then head for the pier.  If you are looking for a park with a great playground and more then find your way to South Beach Park & Ed Austin Skate Park

If you like it more quiet then I recommend heading north or south of the pier area.  South you will find the old Jax Beach Pier now known as Oceanfront Park.  Further south and you will find yourself in Ponte Vedra Beach, Visit Trip Advisor top 10 to do i Vm n PVB.  If you like a fancy feel then this is the area for you. 

North of JAX Beach Pier is my personal favorite Neptune and Atlantic Beaches.  Neptune Beach has the only all hours dog walking beach and a super cool little brick paved city. 

Atlantic Beach will take into Hanna Park, this is another great surf spot right next to the Navy Base at Mayport called The Poles.

Hanna Park offers everything from camping, lake kayaking, frisbee golf, and beginner – intermediate mountain biking trails.

Area Highlights

Cradle Creek Preserve

Ponte Vedra Beach

Marriott Sawgrass – Wave Machine

Atlantic Beach

Howell Park Atlantic Beach

Dutton Island Park and Preserve


Neptune Beach, FL

Neptune Beaches Green Market

Castaway Island Preserve 

Intercoastal Waterway

Downtown JAX

Hemming Park

Atlantic Beach, FL, 32233